Warranty Policy – Attachments

Accurate Fabricating Ltd. (herein AF) warrants each new product manufactured to be free from material, workmanship, and design defects from the date of initial use, demo, or delivery to first customer. AF policy warrants normal operational use and application adherence for one full year or 2,000 hours of operation, or whichever period expires first. Over the counter parts are subject to 6 months conditional coverage. Defective parts shall be returned to AF for inspection with prepaid freight upon request.

AF Responsibilities:

If a defect in material or workmanship is discovered during the warranty period, AF agrees to authorize the coordination of repair during normal business hours at AF discretion.


  • Replace and/or repair defective part(s) with new or remanufactured parts in order to perform repair.
  • Provide AF labor repairs FOB AF facility.
  • Provide offsite AF labor cost per AF warranty labor rate, to rectify defect. (AF discretion)
  • AF warranty is applicable to product manufactured by AF only.


Customer Responsibilities:

Customer is obligated to contact AF immediately following discovery of any fault in product, installation concern or operational issue to mitigate any damage.


  • Inspection of product and operation including fasteners, fittings, locks, hydraulics, electrical, etc. during initial startup period.
  • Perform initial investigation of performance concern prior to contacting AF.
  • Contact AF prior to performing any repairs during the warranty period. Any repairs made without prior consent will not be covered under warranty.
  • Adhere to AF warranty procedure.


Excluded Policy Coverage, Warranty Limitations & Limited Liabilities:

AF is not responsible or liable for malfunction in correlation to:


  • Defects and malfunctions by non-AF manufactured products.
  • Failure of any electrical or hydraulic systems, starters, alternators, engine, or pump parts, including any fluids and oils.
  • Improper maintenance and superficial wear including replacement, greasing, and shimming along with wear items, extensive wear to ground engaging hardware, wear bars etc.
  • Use or installation deemed improper by AF including non-approved AF modifications.
  • Misuse, Misapplication, or abuse (i.e., Couplers in Stumping Application, Attachments used in wrong application, etc.)
  • Travel time and mileage costs.
  • Premium charges and overtime labor costs.
  • Profit, losses, or compensation during down time.
  • Transit damages due to transportation and delivery.
  • Provide transportation of product where service is required - FOB AF
  • Augmented, nonstandard and prototype manufacturing at the request of recipient is subject to warranty limitation.
  • Incidental and/or consequential damages including but not limited to; loss of profit, time loss, and /or rental of substitute machinery or other losses.


Warranty Procedure:

In the event that a failure occurs to an AF product, notification to AF warranty officer must be immediate


  • Contact Accurate Warranty Department immediately via phone or online submission.
  • Request authorization, discuss fault, recommendations and/or method of repair for AF authorized approval.
  • Estimate repair exclusive to AF parts, hours of repair and incidentals.
  • Only AF claim forms submitted will be considered by AF. (Including backup documents)
  • Photos and documentation must be supplied when requested for warranty consideration.
  • AF parts are supplied utilizing customer purchase order number. (Invoiced for tracking purpose binding damaged parts returns)
  • Parts tracking and cost collection are the responsibility of the claimant. (Parts invoices and repair estimates)
  • Parts to be invoiced and reimbursements will commence through the terms of this warranty policy consideration.
  • All damaged or replacement parts must be returned prepaid to Accurate Fabricating, upon request. All returns are property to AF. Claims will be withheld until returns are received.
  • AF warranty claim settlement will be issued via credit notes


This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and the obligation and liability of AF under this warranty. This warranty limits to the provisions of material and labor as specified herein. AF neither assumes nor authorizes any other parties, persons, firms, or corporation to assume for it any other liability in connection to the sales or use of AF products. No terms or conditions, other than those stated herein, which in any way purports to modify this warranty shall be binding on AF unless approved in writing by a proprietor of the company.

Accurate Warranty Policy Printout

Warranty Claim Form – Accurate Fabricating

Please download the following Excel Document and fill in the information on the appropriate tabs, save the file and send back to support@accuratefabricating.com

If you have questions, or cannot open the document, please contact us at:  (604) 591-6184

Accurate Warranty Claim Form

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